1. My research centers on how cultural knowledge is constructed and used in the real world.  Among other topics, I have written and lectured on how the U.S. News Rankings and World Report rank colleges and publicly justify its methods and how humans make life’s meaning through cultural repertoires.  My dissertation analyzed “the politics of representation” surrounding the U.S. War on Terrorism initiated in September 2001; the study was about how political leaders use political evidence, cultural appeal, linguistic devices, and coercive political actions to construct and control representations regarding the war.  Currently, I am developing a book manuscript on the topic of human irrationality.  This book will look into witchcraft beliefs and witch-hunt movements in early modern Europe, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and contemporary politics during George W. Bush Administration’s tenure to show how cultural knowledge operates in extraordinary times.  Cumulatively, these projects aim to refine our theoretical understanding about social knowledge and present an integrative methodological approach to study it.

  2. In addition to my interest in knowledge/discourse, I also collaborate with colleagues to study inequality.  Recently, I worked as a Postdoctoral Scholar for Center for Research in Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching Excellence (CREATE) at UCSD, helping it to study several low-income schools’ effort to construct “college-going” culture and improve the academic performance of underserved student populations.  I am also collaborating with Elgin Mannion on a project that compares economic performance data across U.S. states.

Curriculum Vitae


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Selected Publications

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    Chang, Gordon C., Kerstin Lueck, and Hugh B. Mehan. 2013. “Evidencing

    International Threat: Examining Iraq Survey Group’s Post-Invasion

    Verification of Iraq’s WMD Threat.” Journal of Language and Politics

    12(1): 29-58.

    Hugh Mehan, Gordon C. Chang, Makeba Jones, and Season S. Mussey.

    2012. In the Front Door: Creating a College-Going Culture of Learning.

    Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.

    Chang, Gordon C. and Hugh B. Mehan. 2008. “Why We Must    

    Attack Iraq: Bush’s Reasoning Practices and Argumentation System.”

    Discourse and Society 19(4): 449-478. 
|download pdf|

    Chang, Gordon C. and Hugh B. Mehan. 2006. “Discourse in a Religious

    Mode: The Bush Administration’s Discourse in the War on Terrorism

    and Its Challenges.” Pragmatics 16(1): 1-23. 
|download pdf|

            Translated into Czech and republished as “Diskurz vedený

            nábozensky: Bushova vláda o válce s terorismem a alternativní

            diskurzy.” Biograf: Journal of the Association for Biographical and

            Reflexive Sociology (40-41): 85-111 (Prague, Czech Republic).

    Chang, Gordon C. and J.R. Osborn. 2005. “Spectacular Colleges and   

    Spectacular Rankings: The U.S. News Rankings of American “Best”

    Colleges.” Journal of Consumer Culture 5(3): 338-364. 
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    Chang, Gordon C. 2008. The Politics of Representation and the Social

    Order: In the War on Terror. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of

    California, San Diego. 



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